13 Year Old Boy Circumcize Himself with a Kitchen Knife in Limuru

May 5, 2014

limSamuel, a 13 year old lad took a kitchen knife and cut his foreskin. When his brother and another boy who were to undergo the cut saw how much he was bleeding, they refused to be circumcised. They took to their heels and informed neighbors who rushed Samuel to Mung’etho Health Center. The doctor at the health Center said that Samuel had caused major damage to himself and that they needed to circumcise him completely so that he could heal well.
His single mother, Virginia Njeri was put in a tight spot as she could not raise Sh. 7,000 hospital bill and money to buy food to cook for the boy to hasten recovery.
However, Pastor Samuel Njau from Mt. Olive church in Ndeiya visited the home after the incident and urged the neighbors and well wishers to provide any financial assistance and donate food stuffs to that family.
A businessman from Limuru, Mr. Macharia told the parents that if their young boys need to be circumcised they should not deny them that chance. Some of the residents wanted all the boys of that age to undergo the same so as to avoid similar cases.
However this drew mixed reactions because in Kikuyu culture, circumcision symbolizes initiation to adulthood. Most people prefer to circumcise their boys after primary school because by that time they fully understand its importance.

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