Tender Ooko, Fired After His Tujuane Date, Back in Spotlight for All The Wrong Reasons

May 2, 2014

The young Westlands masseur who stirred the wrath of women for calling his date ‘ugly’ on Tujuane, is back in the news again.
The chap who received heavy backlash and hatred from Tujuane fans is said to be holed up in a house in Kitengela where he has been hosted by a prominent business woman.
Sources inform that Tender, a beauty therapist went to the woman’s house to provide beauty services on Saturday but the lady looks like she likes his “services” and has urged him to stay on.
A source linked to Tender’s ‘woman’ wrote this to Vibe Weekly.

“She came with that rude tujuane dude called tender to do her nail and massage.since sato,the guy has refused to liv the house,pretending to b making tea n doing laundry 4 her.i knw he is afta the money n i suspect theyr havin an affair.bt y cant he luk 4 gals his age?nkt.my ****** is in her 40s.please ashame this guy to liv our house…n he is busy washing cloths in this pic jst to please ******.nkt!he shld luk 4 his own money n not depend on older women,as if my ****** is a sugar mummy.Hes such a luza n a shame to the hardworking men.”

According to the source, the woman has a daughter who is also the same age as Tender. “He is now living in the house with her children. The woman goes to attend to her businesses during the day and comes home for some ‘tender’ loving in the evening.”
Tender had apologised to the lady participant and all women, an apology that did not sit quite well with them. He was also featured on Larry Madowo’s “The Trend” where he also issued another apology.

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