Shopper Finds Pin Inside Uchumi Cake

May 8, 2014
uchumiA shopper has written to the Consumer Federation of Kenya, claiming that he found a 1 inch pin inside a cake baked at Uchumi Lang’ata branch.

The shopper said that he has made efforts to obtain an apology from the supermarket, but all they offered was another cake.

Here’s the letter.

“Dear Cofek Team: I would like your advice on how to handle a complain that I have with Uchumi Supermarkets, specifically their Langata Hyper branch. 
On the 5th of March 2014, I bought a cake from the Uchumi bakery for my wife. A few days, I was seated with my wife at the living room while she was enjoying the cake. After enjoying a few bites of the cake, she let out a scream. 
On checking, we pulled a sharp pin from her mouth about 1inch or so that had been baked with the cake. This is a pin if swallowed would have potentially chocked her to death or caused some serious harm to her. 
I took the cake plus the purchase receipt back Uchumi and launched a complain only for the manager/supervisor to instruct one of the staff to give me another cake and to ensure that it did not have any foreign object in it. 
I indicated to them that I was not interested in a cake but all I wanted was a written apology that should include the steps they will take, with clear milestones, to ensure that such a mistake never happens again, not only to me but to any other person. I was even willing to sign an agreement that I would not use the same to take legal action if that was their worry. 
No one has responded to my complain up to now and I find it very disappointing for a supermarket that I spend between 15,000 – 20,000 per month on shopping. 
I need your advice on how to address this matter as the other option I have to go online with the images of the cake, pin and Uchumi receipt and tarnish the name of the supermarket, and I can do a pretty good job at that. (S.N)

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