PHOTOS – Governor Kabogo Before and After The Money

May 14, 2014

kabogo2 (1)When he is not showing off his sleek Sh15 million Jaguar XKR luxury car, he is jumping off a hovering chopper like James Bond. Kiambu County governor William Kabogo, is without a doubt one of the most flamboyant public figures in the country. He is immensely wealthy and he enjoys every bit of it.
Like everybody else, Kabogo too has a past. When he was not as filthy rich as he is now..when he was just working his way up and figuring it all out. We came across a photo of the governor back in the day chilling on what looks like a park with his family, and by the look of it, he had quite a lot in his mind and was no where close to flamboyant.
Check it out
kabogoKabogo now

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