PHOTO – Check Out Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame as a Child

May 13, 2014

msalameKiss TV’s curvaceous host Grace Msalame is without doubt one of the hottest women on TV. She is drop dead gorgeous and her down to earth, bubbly and loveable nature makes her a favorite for many people. We’ve known her from her time at KTN’s Straight Up Live and since then she has continued to grow in great leaps.
She is now a mother to two adorable twins and she never shies off from showing them off every now and then. Like her twin daughters, she was also once an adorable young girl and was on hand to share a photo of herself back in the day with her dad and her younger sister.
Captioned: “And Mum just sent me this one!! Awwwww:-) My Sis was just the cutest lil babe:-) as for me & that kisogo tho! Lol! Memories are made of this:-”
Check it out
graceeeeGrace now

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