‘Machawood’ Lands it’s First Big Budget Film Launch

May 13, 2014

MachawoodHigh flying Machakos County which houses the first of a kind Film and Arts Hub in the country, Machawood, is set to host it’s first big budget film this month. A Kenyan film maker based in the USA, will be launching the film on May24.
Daniel Kioko, a film producer, director and actor based in New Jersey, already has plans complete for the screening. The film titled Love and Deceit, tells a tale about two Kenyan friends and their fortunes and misfortunes in their homeland and in America.
“This movie was a labour of love. We started its production in 2011, but owing to budget constrains we had to work with the people’s timetables. As we were finding the perfect venue to do its maiden screening, we chose to ride with the hype that is Machakos. But since the much awaited Machawood theatres are not yet ready, the county officials gave us the green-light to host the event at the park. We will then have the official release from  June 28-30 in different cities and towns of the country,” Kioko says.
The movie shot in Kenya and the US, features actors from all over Africa including Liberia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya.
Additional Reporting by TheStar

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