Music Video Director Disappears with Nazizi’s Footage

May 15, 2014

Music video producer, Young Wallace has for long been one of the most sort after producers in the region for having one of a kind results. The lad is however being sought by musicians for all the wrong reasons.
Several local musicians are seeking to find him after he disappeared with their footage. Allegedly, Young Wallace has been taking their money, shooting videos and then disappearing in the thin air never to be found.
Famous reggae artiste, Nazizi is one musician who has been frustrated by Wallace. He delayed her music for one month even after payment. ”I paid him, all I want is the footage of the video, I will edit it myself,” an angered Nazizi told Nairobi News. She added on saying, ”we have even involved the police but he has even moved out of his residence. He doesn’t  pick up calls too.”
When reached for comments, Wallace agreed to having challenges saying, “I know i owe several musicians but I’m trying to work on it.”
He also agreed to not picking their calls but claimed was never aware of the police involvement.

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