Jaguar Refuses To Accept Prezzo’s Olive Branch

May 15, 2014

prezzo jaguar
For a long time now, CMB boss and king of bling Prezzo has had beef with the ‘kioo’ hit maker, Jaguar. It’s alleged that this beef was as a result of flexing their wealth. Things got heated up in 2010, when the two music bigwigs almost landed into a fistfight in a Westlands club.
However, on Monday evening, in an interview with Tanzanian based Ayo TV, Prezzo came out crystal and clean saying he no longer has a beef with the flamboyant Jaguar. He added on saying he was concentrating on taking the East African music to the world and no way that could be accomplished if he had beef with fellow musicians. “I want to make it clear that i have no beef with Jaguar and I am willing to work with him if the opportunity arises,” said Prezzo.
Contrary to Prezzo’s statement, Jaguar in an interview with Nairobi News said he cannot work with him. ”Making peace in an interview is a good strategy for Prezzo. After all, if you cant beat them, join them. However, if he thinks he is going to work with me, he must be day dreaming.”
The beef seems far from over.

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