Michelle Morgan Unveiled at Ebru TV

May 16, 2014

mitIt has always been a culture in Kenya for many people not to watch news to the end leaving out business news and the Forex report. This was momentarily changed when Citizen TV hired this damsel by the name Michelle Morgan who literally glued men to their television till the end of the newscast.
The easy on the eyes lass has a soft voice that is not only alluring, but soothing too. Her command in spoken English, in a slang, ‘is out of this world’. Her stay on Kenya’s leading TV station only lasted 2 years before leaving earlier in the year to join an affiliate of Everest production, Ebru TV.
The Turkish-owned media house unveiled Morgan to their viewers and according to a video released, she will be bringing you local and international news on weekdays at 9PM.
Check out the Video.

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