Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman Offers To Help ‘Battered’ Jay Z

May 19, 2014

maendeleoCall it being opportunistic or taking their humanitarian work really seriously but Maendeleo ya Wanaume, an advocate for the protection of the rights of the boy child and the man, are looking to help Hip hop mogul Jay Z.
Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman, Mr Nderitu Njoka, has reached out to Jay Z and offered to help him with both legal and counselling services.
This is after the shocking footage of Jay Z being attacked by his sister in law, Solange, surfaced last week. Speaking to Word Is, this is what Nderitu had to say:
Physical abuse against men has become a rampant practise around the world. Our mandate as an organisation, is to fight for the men’s rights. We are ready and willing to assist Jay Z with any legal representation or counselling. In fact, we have tried to reach him on email and other social sites but we have not been successful. We are calling on him to reach us through our international arm in the Global Gender Empowerment Network and we will offer him assistance,” he told Word Is.
“The people that we men should even be more careful about are the in-laws. They set obligations for you and they expect you to adhere to their demands. It’s becoming a scary situation but we will stand by men until the situation returns to normal. So, the troubled Jay Z should not feel alone in this. We are together,” Njoka added.

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