Kenyan Celebrities Responds To Jay-Z’s Solange Assault

May 14, 2014
jay z
This year’s Met gala did not go well for rapper Jay-Z.  Beyonce’s sister Solange heatedly kicked and punched him in the elevator. This drama was caught on the elevator’s camera without their knowledge.
The reason behind the heated punches and kicks has not yet been known as the tape from the elevator’s camera had no audio recordings.
This has caused quite an uproar in reactions all over the world, people airing all kinds of opinions. Kenyan celebrities too had something to say on twitter. Here are some of the reactions:
Octopizzo: My baby Mama harder than most of You Niggas,but her sister harder than all of you Niggaz~~Jay Z own Words
Jay gat 100 problems Now!Whatever happened I wish family the best,if you married or in a relationship then you’ll know this happens alot behind closed doors and the sisterz In law are beasts!
colonelmustafa Shit happens JAY Z .ask me..hahaha #solange.. 24min
joewmuchiri HAHAHA Jay-Z is still in pain after leaving the elevator. Black women & violence tho Smh Kanye West is like “Jay U should have copped a white bitch her sister would never do that” *runs to Alaska* 12h

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