Dennis Itumbi’s Tribute to His Father

May 12, 2014
Dennis Itumbi, Director of Digital Strategy, Innovation & Diaspora Relations and trained Journalist last Thursday paid tribute to his father on his birthday on facebook. The guy always takes time to remember the ones he love.
Here’s the tribute.

Check out the tribute:
To My Dad Patrick Njue, Happy Birthday.
It has been an inspiring journey, you have been a great dad to all of us and hubby to Mum.
I specifically appreciate that you gave us a village upbringing,even when town was easier.
You let us swim in the river, learn how to milk, prune coffee, those little things like herding cattle and and falling off cow pulled carts as we took coffee to the factory taught us lessons that have continued to apply in life.
Dad it is your day,Happy Birthday and live to see more of your grandchildren.

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