Candy and Candy Records Says ‘Nishike’ is Not The Most Sensual Music Video Ever Released in Kenya

May 7, 2014

The most publicized song in Kenya right now ‘Nishike’ by the popular band Sauti Sol will not quit hitting the headlines anytime soon. The video has attracted lots of comments from the moment it was released. Some think it is too explicit, others think it is well tailored and now some think it’s not explicit enough.
Candy and Candy records have come out and rubbished Nishike as the most sensual Kenyan video ever released. Early in the year, the music stable released a steamy video dubbed ‘Nice and Slow’ characterised by skimpily dressed video vixen and highly sensual scenes. Nice and Slow was directed by Joe Kariuki, Candy and Candy CEO.
Sauti Sol’s ‘Nishike directed by Enos Olik, Kenya’s video guru, followed suit as it also embraced the sensual scenes with a more profound lighting system and scantly dressed video vixen.
Check out the two videos and decide which is steamier.

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