Cabu Gah’s Brother Among 100 Dead After Consuming Toxic Alcohol

May 12, 2014

It was a sad week last week for many families, after one hundred people lost their lives after consuming toxic alcohol.
Among the dead was brother to popular Facebook blogger Cabu Gah, who died in Embu. The blogger took to Facebook to narrate the events before and after his passing.
Here’s his story.

My elder Brother,George Gachie is NO MORE. He has joined the rest of the over 100 Kenyans who have succumbed to the toxic aftermath of the notorious illicit brew. He fell in love with the bottle years ago…And the love grew…and the love has outgrown him.
Born to East Africa’s Number One Drinking Nation,Kenya,George was firmly a part of the statistics.
After the horrid news of the horrors of the brew started spreading on Monday evening,I got concerned. And on Tuesday Morning, I woke up early to text my siblings.
I texted them via WhatsApp,telling them I had tried calling George but his phone was off…I told them to make efforts to check whether George was safe…My siblings told me they couldn’t reach George either…or any of his accomplices.
Perturbed, I called up Mum. Mum told Me she hadn’t heard a thing. I let it slide.
And at 1.36 pm same day,A former High School friend called. He was my classmate at Kamiu Secondary and also my best friend. His name is Martin. Or Marto.
Marto said,”Maze Unajua niaje?” He asked in a cold,sulken voice. I knew things were bad. I asked,”Ni nini..??” He said,”Mbuyu ameishia…”
I screamed,”Uwongo!!!” He said,”Yeah,ameishia leo asubui…” And for a minute,or two,I was speechless.
I just stood there,transfixed, phone in hand,tight-lipped and totally unable to react.
After a moment,he told me,”Na bro yako umeskia??” I asked,”Nini???” He said,”Ako hosi …amelala hosi pia…” Again I screamed,”Uwongo!!” I hollered to the phone…and bellowed in utter despair.
Crushed beyond comprehension, I sighed hard and said,”Sawa Marto..
sawa …”
Immediately, I called Up Mum. “Mum,nimeskia George ako hosi…” 
Hesitantly, Mum said,”Nimeambiwa. Hata naenda huko saa hii…”
And Mum went. He met George at Embu General Hospital… And when she arrived,it was a sea of humanity…Hundreds of worried families were littered across the hallways,women were weeping and sulking at the waiting bays, the wards were full..Doctors were scampering around… huffing and puffing… And in the wards ,it was a SCENE FROM HELL.
Mama squeezed herself in….full of panic and trepidation. The halls were full of people…Crowds of crying women,crowds of screaming souls…Dying people…it was a horror scene.
Mama was led to my brother’s bed. And he lay there…breathing heavy and holding on to the hands of his girlfriend. Mama broke down. And hugged my brother.
Mama asked Brother,”George,Unaniona??” George sat up in pain…holding on to his stomach and stretching his frail hand…”Eeeh nakuona Mum” George said.
“Nimevaa aje? Nguo Yangu ni ya color gani??” Mum,asked.
“Red…Red na Black…” George answered. “Kwa hivo unaona??” Mum asked.
“Eeee naona Mum..lakini kidogo…” He laboriously answered.
Mum gave him fruits,lucozade and a hug. And sat on his bed.
People kept filling into the ward…Others kept losing lives and others kept screaming, trying to hold on to their lives…it was chaotic and unbearable.
My Brother’s girlfriend was still there,drunk too…holding on to George and screaming at him,”Georgie amka! Amka Georgie! Unaniona??? Unaniona Georgie???”
At 5.30 pm,George asked Mum,”Ni saa ngapi Mum?”
Mum told him,”Ni 5.30 …” “Ati 5.30???” George asked,shocked and sitting up on his bed.
” Eeeh ni 5.30. kwanini??” Mum asked.
George didn’t answer. George started crying. And at that point,Mum knew that George had gone blind.
“Unaona huyu daktari??” Mum asked. “Mgani??” George asked,moving his head. ” Huyu…” Mum said pointing. 
“Mgani??” George asked again. And at that point, Mum cried. And hugged her son hard.
Mum stayed at the Hospital till 8.30pm Tuesday night. And left George at the hands of a nurse and his equally drunk Girl.
And following Morning, Wednesday Morning,Mum got up to rush to the hospital. With porridge, fruits and a bowl of chicken soup.
But on arrival to the hospital,George was NOT on his bed. Instead,it was HIS GIRLFRIEND on the Bed.
George had been moved. Not to another bed,But to a colder place. George had been moved to the MORTUARY. 
George was GONE.


I am in Embu right now. And EMBU IS IN DEEP,DEEP MOURNING.
And People,You think its ONLY 50 People who have died in Embu?? You’re being lied to. Embu ALONE has lost over 100 people…take my word…
People are collapsing in homes…by the roadside… in the middle of conversations… its A PURE APOCALYPTIC scene.
My little village alone lost 3 people. Funeral meetings are allover my village.
From our home to the next home to the next home.
People DONT even know which HOME to visit.
Mr. Mututho,instead of wasting resources arresting RICH PEOPLE driving BIG CARS past midnight, dragging them out of their cars to test their Alcohol level,and then arrest and charge them LIKE SERIAL MURDERERS or DEADLY RAPISTS,You should instead FOCUS Your immense energies in ARRESTING the REAL CRIMINALS.
THE REAL CRIMINALS ARE NOT the men driving themselves HOME after a night out,its the UNSCRUPULOUS thugs selling METHANOL to low-life Kenyans across the country. Just to make a quick buck. And earn a fatter profit.
Until YOUR OWN BLOOD RELATIVE dies of a National Disaster, that’s WHEN YOU FEEL the PAIN.
And please Chang’aa DOESNT KILL. It has been brewed, sold and consumed since INDEPENDENCE. 
So,let’s stop sugarcoating things; TRUTH IS; Over 200 KENYANS HAVE BEEN POISONED. In broad daylight.
I don’t WHO did it. Or how. But this is more than just illicit brew,this is a HORRIBLE case of National Poisoning…. From Kiambu to Machakos to Murang’a to Embu to Kitui.

Condolences to the family from all of us at Nairobi Wire.
May God rest his soul in peace.

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