Xtatic Announces New Mixtape ‘Goddess’, Set For Release On Her Birthday

April 3, 2014

xtaticcRapper Xtatic is set to release her mixtape this April. Dubbed Goddess, the new mixtape will be released around her birthday, on 19th or 20th. She however could not disclose the featured artistes in the mixtape.
Xtatic, who is also a mum, has been quite the rising star with her unique and impeccable lyricism. She was speaking to RapNairobi when she revealed the news and her fans should be delighted.
“Well, it’s a mixtape but that’s the much I can offer. It’s title is Goddess. The release might be around April, my birthday month and just maybe on the day of my birthday, of which strangely is on 19th and 20th..it is a weird story with me.” She said.

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