Beyonce Not Invited For Kelly Rowland’s Wedding

April 3, 2014

beyWedding season is soon approaching and for one star it seems to be not quite what everyone was expecting.
Kelly Rowland revealed that she wanted her wedding to be a very intimate ceremony with just her and her groom, Tim Witherspoon and their mothers.
Rowland doesn’t want anyone there, not even her bestfriend Beyonce, and some of her closet friends are not happy with this decision.
“I just wanted it be a nice peaceful day where it’s just me and him and our mothers. That’s it. That’s it,” Kelly said, as she confirmed that she didn’t plan on having bridesmaids. “They’re not happy about that.”
Kelly says her ceremony is “our gift to ourselves. Whatever we do we just want it to be special and between he and I and just make it something that we both remember and just for us.”
The may be hope for Beyonce to be present for the wedding, because Rowland laughs at the idea of Blue Ivy being a flower girl say, “That’s hilarious. I can’t answer that question just yet.”

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