Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Winning Streak Ends at Wrestlemania 30

April 8, 2014
underWhat wrestling fans had once thought was unbelievable has actually come to pass. The legendary “Wrestlemania” winning streak help by The Undertaker, is over. Going into “Wrestlemania 30,” The Undertaker was 21-0, and it seemed impossible that he would be marking his first loss.
However, after a long, slow match with former UFC champion Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker was defeated. The audience didn’t know how to respond, expecting some kind of interference to allow the match to continue, but nothing was to come. Instead, the arena went largely silent as the fans wore looks of sadness and disbelief that their hero had been defeated.
The Undertaker’s first “Wrestlemania” victory came at “Wrestlemania VII,” with a win over Jimmy Snuka. Over the years he has defeated the likes of Triple H, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk and Batista.
At 49 years old, Undertaker has cut back his in-ring schedule to revolve entirely around “Wrestlemania,” making the annual defending of the streak a strong point of focus on the show. There’s been no mention of whether or not this means Undertaker has wrestled his last match, but chances are that will be addressed Monday (April 7) on “WWE Raw.”

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