PETER KENNETH: The War on Terror Must Be Won

April 8, 2014

pkIn the recent weeks, the security situation in the country seems to be worsening with increasing terrorist attacks and heightened radicalisation of youth.
I condemn these attacks in the strongest terms possible and pray that friends and families of those who have lost their lives in the recent wave of attacks may find peace and comfort despite the circumstances.
I have often said that security is not negotiable and emphasized the need for government to be resolute in fighting crime and terror. Security is paramount in the pursuit of economic development. A secure nation attracts visitors and investors alike. Persistent attacks therefore hinder any efforts towards attaining success in economic growth and in creating employment opportunities for the youth.
In this regard therefore, it is necessary for the government to demonstrate its capacity to secure Kenya and her people. I therefore support and encourage the government in its ongoing efforts in the pursuit of terrorists and criminals who are bent on disrupting our way of life and bringing our economy to a standstill. I urge the government to employ its full force and never to relent until security has been restored.
It is also important for the people to cooperate with the government in its pursuit of peace and security. Knowing the pain and destruction that has been visited upon our people by these criminals, it is unfortunate that some people feel that a specific community or religion being targeted. Terrorists and criminals do not carry out their acts on behalf of any tribe or religion and the efforts to rid the country of these elements must not be construed in such light.
If we are keen to stamp out these criminal elements from amongst our midst, our role must be to encourage the government to continue with the operations to flash out terrorist beginning with the hotspots and thereafter in the entire country to rid the nation of criminals and terrorists. We must therefore also speak out against any attempts to intimidate or blackmail government to halt its counter-terrorism efforts.
The war on terror must be won, and as a people, we must expect nothing less from the government. Rid us of terrorism and criminal activities so that we can each do our part to build the nation.
Peter Kenneth

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