Ringtone Enters Into an MOU with a Nigerian Pioneer Dj

April 30, 2014


Gospel singer Ringtone was recently in Nigeria to make some big moves which will not only be beneficial to him but to the entire Gospel fraternity as a whole.

The award winning singer met up with DJ Gosporella, the pioneer gospel music DJ in Nigeria with a solid experience spanning over 20 years.

The honor of meeting the talented Dj was to strike a deal which in laymans language would call it exchange programme.

“I decided to get into this MOU because a lot of Nigerian music is played in Kenya but very few Kenyan songs are given airtime in Nigeria despite a demand for Kenyan gospel content in Nigeria”, he said with an interview.

The “Muziki Ni Dawa” hit-maker entered into an agreement with the celeb DJ that will see Kenyan Gospel get airplay on Nigerian radio stations and in return Nigerian music will be played on Kenyan radio stations

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