Why Rabbit Walked Out on a DJ

April 7, 2014

RabbitRapper Rabbit does not take seriously anyone who rates foreign music higher than the local content. He made this clear when he dramatically walked out on a group of DJs during an invite only party for Mdundo’s Top 200, at Club 88MPH.
According to The Nairobian, popular Dj Exclusive made an observation that did not go down well with the rapper by saying that Nigerian music was well received among locals compared to Kenyan music. It is then that Kaka Sungura stormed out.
When reached for comment, Rabbit did admit that they had disagreed over the airplay that Nigerian music gets compared to local music.
“I said that the Nigerian music is not better. It’s only that the media is really focusing on them. That’s how they blow up!” Rabbit told The Nairobian.
DJ Exclusive on the other hand denied any such walk out and maintained it was a friendly conversation.
“Nobody stormed out of anywhere! It was a friendly conversation where I explained that Kenyans in most clubs prefer Nigerian music, while Kenyan music is mostly requested on radio,” he said.

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