Passengers Escape Through Windows as Another Umoinner Bus is Almost Hit By a Train

April 28, 2014

umEven before the memories of Umoinner accident at Mutindwa fade, a bus from the same sacco almost suffered the same fate on Thursday last week.
Reportedly, passengers frantically escaped through windows when the vehicle’s engine stalled just when they were on the railway tracks. According to witnesses, the driver was driving on the wrong side of the road when the engine shut down.
“No police officer was in sight and they were only alerted by screams and cries of the passengers,” said Joshua Mutuko, a trader.
Traders were forced to push it from the tracks as the Dandora bound train approached fast. The driver, Mr Samuel Tora, was arrested for overlapping, and Umoinner confirmed he had been dismissed from duty.
Last year, 12 people died at the intersection when a train rammed their bus.
Additional reporting by Nairobi News

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