OJ Responds To Reports That He Was Fired From Tahidi High For Being a Drunk

April 29, 2014

OjjjjjjLast week, reports broke out that former Tahidi High actor, Dennis Mugo aka OJ, was fired from the show for being a drunkard. The story went viral and it was only a matter of time before we heard from the horse’s mouth. OJ has come out guns blazing and denied those reports and put the female Standard journalist who came up with the story on the spot. He speculates she might have a crush on him.
According to the reports, OJ’s image was portrayed in a not so positive light, something that could be detrimental to his career. Dennis came out to defend himself via his Facebook page and here’s what he had to say:
“So jana there was an article about me that didnt have a positive outlook on my image. sawa here i go FACT; I was not fired from tahidi high, if anyone used to watch the show you all know that the class of Tanya, Freddie, Melvin and the rest, me included had to leave the show after being in form four too long (leaving the show was disguised as GRADUATING). as for the issue of being assistant director, creative differences between me and the director forced me to take a back seat am not a guy to stay somewhere and bootlick.
FACT2:the article forgot to mention that I Mr. Mugo now work for an advertising agency as the creative director/production manager and is a producer assistant for a reality show on K24 called Kikwetu supa chef.
Real journalism is a career that should give the facts of stories to its audience. to the writer of the article- i would ask you if you were a REAL journalist. but you would probably lie about that too. Have a nice weekend. am going to have a blast and yes i do enjoy four or five beers not four or five crates. i wonder what you gained by lying ama you want a piece of me. coz vile pia ulikuwa umeiandika nikama you have a crush on me”.

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