Hilarious VIDEO of Americans Struggling To Pronounce Lupita’s Surname

April 29, 2014

While the name Lupita Nyong’o comes effortlessly to most of us, a huge portion of Americans find it hard to pronounce Nyong’o correctly. The 12 Year’s A slave star’s name has been in many people’s lips and it is surprising that so many still cannot get it right. With the actress and Yale University alumni making headlines on a constant basis, you would think Americans, especially reporters, would make a little effort to learn her name. Well they say ignorance is bliss but I think ignorance will make you look stupid.
The struggling by most reporters and news anchors has been so serious that one, Jimmy Kimmel, host and creator of Jimmy Kimmel Live, compiled a hilarious footage of the many mispronunciations that have been caught on TV. Watch the video below and get mind blown by the many ways Nyong’o has been pronounced.

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