News Anchor Larry Madowo, Sarcastically Criticises ‘Noah’ the Movie

April 24, 2014

After watching the blockbuster movie Noah, labeled an ‘Anti-God’ movie by American theologists, Madowo heavily weighed in on the film, trying to bring out the fact that producers contradicted Bible events.
Here’s what he posted;

“I’m grateful to the movie Noah for opening my eyes to the many inaccuracies in the Bible. For instance, Noah was a murderous white American who grew fat and angrier as the days wore on. And he didn’t build the ark either, as was incorrectly written in the Bible. Some ginormous Transformers-like rock creatures basically did all the work while Noah spent his time refusing to let one of his sons Ham get a wife. Oh, and Methuselah was a surprisingly strong grandpa with supernatural powers and an annoying craving for berries. The movie also taught me that the people of the land eventually planned to kill Noah and take over the ark when the flood came but the moody rock creatures kept them away.
Though Noah didn’t take any fishes into the ark (but they survived anyway), Tubal-cain the evil leader of the people snuck into the ark, eating the animals inside raw and at will. He was eventually killed by Ham when the rain ended as Noah planned to kill his newborn twin granddaughters. Most of all, I learned from the movie that God’s intention all along was for creation to live alone on earth, without man. I’m eternally indebted to the makers of Noah for revising the Bible and adding all these important elements to a story that honestly always sounded a little improbable before this. I can’t wait for them to correct the Jesus story as well.”

Larry wasn’t the only individual agitated by the scenes in movie.The official Vatican newspaper, L’Avennire, labelled the movie a “missed opportunity” which ignores God. Over the Easter weekend, “Noah” dropped completely out of the top ten at the box office with the unapologetic Christian “God’s Not Dead” (featuring Kenyan star, Benji Ochieng’) overtaking it.

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