Mpuru Aburi Left Stranded at Wilson Airport After MPs Abandon Him For Failing To Deliver Chopper Promise

April 30, 2014

mpuruTigania East MP Mpuru Aburi last week found himself in trouble with some MPs after he failed to keep his promise.
Reportedly, he had promised to lend some of his colleagues a chopper, one which he made them believe he owns, for a weekend trip to Mt Kenya. He told them not to bother looking for a chopper as he would organise everything.
Unknown to the MP, the particular chopper he hoped to use was unavailable as it had been leased out to another client. The MPs were surprised on reaching Wilson Airport to find no chopper. In an attempt to calm them down, Mpuru told them that it had left for a few errands and it would be flying back in a short while.
The MPs waited for it for almost half of the day, before giving up and leaving Mpuru to continue waiting. His attempt to apologise fell on deaf ears, with the lawmakers refusing to hear anything, saying he should have informed them on time “without wasting their whole day there”.
Additional reporting by The Star

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