“A lady Won’t Even Notice She is Having Her Periods,” Claims City Herbalist

April 7, 2014

jeff omondiA twenty seven year old herbalist claims he has the solution to a woman’s worst nightmare – the menses. Jeff Omondi says that his medicine completely reduces the discomfort and pain associated with that period of a woman’s menstrual cycle.
“A lady won’t even notice that she is having her periods,” he told The Nairobian. The form four graduate apparently goes about this by weaving herbs into a bracelet, which the patient ties around her wrist making the pain disappear within hours.
He says he also uses herbal remedies to heal broken bones.
“I first get the patient to take an X- ray, then upon examining the X-ray, I administer proper treatment. I mix herbal medicine with current technology to give a patient the best,” he says.
Omondi started treating patients form a tender age of seven and says he was introduced to the treatment by his grandmother.
“She picked me amongst my siblings and started teaching me the trade when I was still a little boy. I grew up in her house and by the time I was seven years old, I could treat anybody with an ailment,” he says.
“I also don’t know how the herbs work, all I know is that my medicine has never let me down at all. I mostly get women who are on their menses coming for my medicine. Thereafter, they tell others about it. Word of mouth has been my strongest selling point,” he added.

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