Gor Semelang’o Almost Brought To a Halt Manduli Daughter’s Wedding

April 7, 2014

gorsemelang'oatwedthumb_20140403Youth Enterprise Fund chairman, Gor Semelang’o’s grand entry at the All Saints Cathedral almost brought to a halt Orie Rogo Manduli daughter’s wedding.
The controversial businessman cum politician unknowingly walked in just when ACK Archbishop Dr Eliud Wabukala was announcing: “If anyone knows why these two should not get married, he should come forward or forever hold their peace.”
The shocked crowd then turned to watch Gor as he walked in smiling and probably wondering why he got everybody’s attention. A huge sigh of relief was felt when he proceeded to take his seat.
The bride, Elizabeth Rogo and her Ghanaian groom Nana Yaw, however, appeared calm probably because of the fact that they knew Gor did not pose any threat to their ‘happy ever after’ as he is their relative. Semelang’o is Orie Rogo Manduli’s nephew.
Photo by Nairobian

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