Kamua Leo Singer Kidis Rubbishes off ‘Baby Mama’ Drama

April 23, 2014

KidisSinger Nesphory Simbiga, popularly known as Kidis, has come out to deny allegations of child neglect. The Kamua Leo famed artiste was responding to the allegations by one, Lydia Mwapoza.
She accuses the singer of abandoning his one-year-old son they sired together in 2013. According to her, they met in Mombasa in 2012 and started a romantic relationship which subsequently led to the pregnancy and the birth of the child. When she told him about the pregnancy, Kidis abandoned her.
“After I told him I was pregnant, he stopped picking my calls or at times he would pick and threaten me telling me he is a star, he is well-connected and there is nothing I can do. He never provided for me till I gave birth. He was very arrogant. I tried talking to him and convincing him to take care of his baby but he refused. In January 2014, I called him to tell him his baby is one-year-old at least he should do a small party for him but he hanged up on me. My sister has agreed to help me to hire a lawyer to take him to court,” she says.
Kidis on his side vehemently denied any knowledge of such a woman and termed it as a malicious allegation set to bring him down.
“Firstly, I have never dated or met a woman named Lydia. Secondly, I only have two children. One with my legal wife who lives in Mombasa but the kid stays with his grandmother in Kakamega, and the other with my girlfriend who stays in Kisumu. So I don’t know where this “Lydia” is getting all this drama from. Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of such malicious allegations, so I am treating this as just one of them,” Kidis told The Star.

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