Rapper Jimwat Losess Father

April 3, 2014

jimwatthumbIn a rather sad note, Calif Records rapper Jimwat is bereaved. Just weeks after he was discharged from hospital after a serious road accident, Jimwat is mourning the death of his beloved father who passed away last weekend.
His dad was battling with illness according to a statement released by Calif records boss Clement Rapudo popularly known as Clemo.
It is with the greatest regret and heartfelt condolences that we announce the PASSING ON OF THE DAD to one of Kenya’s best rappers, Jimw@t. Jimw@t’s dad passed on after battling bravely with illness for some time.
He had been admitted at Kenyatta Hospital at the time of his demise. In spite of his illness he did his best to be there for his son Jimw@t during Jimw@t’s accident and subsequent operations. May God rest his soul in peace …we are all there for you Jimw@t and your family.

Our Condolences to him and his family.

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