PHOTO – Latest Jicho Pevu Already on River Road on DVD

April 28, 2014

Moha pevuHis investigative pieces are mouth watering and his reporting is captivating. Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali has treaded where many would not have the guts to.
From breaking stories about drug lords and their cartels to unscrupulous police murders of wanted criminals, Mohammed Ali has never been afraid for his life despite the numerous death threats. His most recent work looks into the disputed 2013 General Elections. Together with fellow investigative reporter, John Allan Namu, Moha goes behind the scenes to find out what really happened during the March 4 polls.
It’s barely a week since the airing of the first part of the story, some Kenyans somewhere have already capitalised on it. The journalist through his Twitter page revealed a DVD hard copy of his work that is already in stores in Nairobi streets.
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