VIDEO – Here’s That Kikuyu Rock Gospel Song You Need To Check Out

April 24, 2014

kanyekiThe Kenyan gospel music industry has welcomed a first. Previously, we have had of the Akorinos, who surprised many with a different sound in music. The likes of Allan Aaron became an instant hit with their catchy vernacular lyrics and matching dance moves. Never before have we heard of a vernacular gospel rock band.
For the very first time, an artist by the name Kanyeki has gone against the grain and taken up the improbable task of coming up with a rock band and a rock song, done in his vernacular, Kikuyu. Dubbed Ndingihota Gutariria (I cannot explain), the song draws it’s inspiration from Job 38. It is a worship song that points out how great God is and Kanyeki is basically lost for words to explain how great He is.
Check it out

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