Top American Female Deejay Blasts Dj Joe Mfalme and Creme For Stealing Her Scratch Intro

March 5, 2014

dj shortiA top American female disc jockey, Dj Shortee has hit out at Kenya’s top deejays Dj Joe Mfalme and Creme De la Creme for stealing her scratch intros and passing them off as their own.
Dj Shortee who is based in Los Angeles and is recognised as one of the ‘world’s premier female djs’ by the Grammy foundation accuses the two deejays of stealing one of her scratch intros she did 5 years ago, editing it to replace her name with theirs and using it in one of their mixes.
“A friend of mine who works closely with Mixcrate brought their mix to my attention because he noticed they used my entire intro and other pieces of my AMP mix including additional scratching and mixes in an attempt to pass them off as their own,” Shortee said
The female deejay also expressed her wrath on her Face book page calling the two deejays idiots.
“Haha, soooo, this just happened: These idiots DJ Joe Mfalme & Creme strait up stole on of my scratch intros (that I released 5 yrs ago) & they are trying pass it off as their own by editing in their names where “Shortee” used to be. They also mixed it with a song that’s completely out of key, so in addition to being thieves, they’re also tone deaf. What’s funnier is that these two guys didn’t even take out the word “SHE” that occurs multiple times (since I’m the FEMALE who created it, lol). I’ll paste my original mix below in the comments so you can compare for the fun! Feel free to put them on blast…weeeeeeeeeee ;o),” read her post.

40 days of a thief!
Perhaps the chicken have finally come to roast.

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