Ministry of Transport Website Hacked… This is What Was Posted

March 7, 2014

ministryOur country’s safety cannot be emphasized enough. It is paramount as we need to feel safe in our own mother land. Looks like even our government websites are not safe. Recently, the ministry of transport and infrastructure, was hacked and distrubing Islam and cyber war messages posted.
Part of the message read.
“All Muslims are together, the CYBER WAR will be appeared all countries which not respecting Islam”.
“Ayyikliz Team promises that they will visit your areas too…”
No one really knows what that meant, but whether it was just a bad joke or not, the issue needs to be addressed. The State House Director of Digital Innovation and Diaspora, Dennis Itumbi said that the security of all government websites needed to be fastened.
“Most of the government websites are not interactive, and are outdated; it’s a high time we work on this issue as its not the first time this (hacking) has happened,” he stated.“It can only take one weekend to work on these websites, we will look for young Kenyan digital creatives that can come up with creative websites, we need to give them a chance.”
Back in 2012, more than 100 government websites were hacked by an Indonesian hacker.

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