Shaffie Weru: I Got Married 4 Years Ago

March 31, 2014

shaffie weru1Kiss 100 radio presenter Shaffie Weru has always been on the spotlight for his outlandish lifestyle but his marital status has always remained a mystery. He has however decided to come out clean about the issue by confirming that he has been hitched to Jada Joan Mwihaki Shaffie for the past four years. The presenter who is also known as ‘Baba milan’ said, ”We had a muslim wedding four years ago.”
According to The Nairobian Joan has a son known as Jabali out of wedlock. Shaffie was asked if he was going to adopt him and he responded,”I can’t comment on that but for sure we are a family and that’s all that matters.”
Recently Shaffie had revealed that Joan was pregnant. This will be his second child as he already has a nine year-old daughter, Milan, with ex-girlfriend Debbie Asila.

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