Ringtone: Jimmy Gait Lied… Makekes Video Cost Ksh 250,000 Not 2.5 Million

March 11, 2014

RingtoneBeef between artists has been unheard off in the gospel industry until the Ringtone and Jimmy Gait saga came on. It started when Ringtone publicly criticised Jimmy Gait’s Makekes music video.
According to Ringtone, Kenyan music video directors would have done a better job than what the Nigerian director did. Jimmy Gait did not take the criticism lying down. He said that the critics would not stop him from taking Kenyan music to the international level and he would in fact work harder.
“God has blessed me and I will do great things to praise him. Those discrediting me for taking Kenya’s gospel music to the International platform shall not shake me, In fact they will make me work harder and achieve bigger goals.”
Looks like none of them is about to call a truce. Ringtone now says Jimmy Gait is just a wannabe trying to be him.
“He is trying to be like me. He copies everything I do, from my singing to my style of dressing. I have said it before that I have nothing against him. In fact, I pray for him to prosper every day.”
He went ahead to say that Makeke’s video did not cost 2.5 million as Jimmy Gait had said earlier. According to him, it cost just ksh 250,000.
“I make my own money and I live a comfortable life. I have proof that his new ‘Makekez’ video did not cost 2.5 million as it has been claimed. Does he have that kind of money? It cost Sh 250,000” he told ‘Pulse’ magazine.
Who do you think is telling the truth?

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