Ringtone Dating Former Miss Kenya Susan Anyango?

March 26, 2014

ringtoneA lot is said about celebrities; from speculations about their wealth, what cars they drive and most importantly, their love lives. One of the top gospel artists in Kenya that has had enough share of all these is Ringtone. However, his dating life has remained a secret, but as usual, what is done in the dark always finds its way to the light of day. We have a lead that ringtone could be dating former miss Kenya, Susan Anyango.
Standard’s Monday blues reports that the Pamela hit maker took the former beauty queen for coffee in one of Nairobi’s popular coffee houses. The paper further reports that the two got too comfortable with each other, prompting onlookers to speculate that they were indeed an item.
Ringtone and supposed beau are said to have left the coffee house together and when the singer was reached for comment, he said they were just ‘great friends’.
We all know how that goes, one day they are just friends and the next they are spotted vacating in some fancy romantic resort. At least he did not go claiming that they are dating only to find out that the girlfriend doesn’t even know, like a certain artist I’ll not mention.
Anyway, we can only wait and see. Keep it Nairobi Wire for more details as the story develops.

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