Revealed – Oliech To Name His Fashion Stores After His Baby Mama

March 27, 2014

dennis OliechWe recently informed you that professional soccer player Dennis Oliech will be opening a chain of fashion stores in the 254. As a matter of fact, one of the stores has already found base at Remax Shopping Village in Hurlingham. The stores will deal in Paris fashion designs and word doing rounds is that the store in Hurlingham will open in April this year. Here comes the interesting part.
Apparently, the stores will be called Veron’s Fashion Detail and guess where the name comes from? Rumor mills have it that Veron is the short form of his baby mama’s name who goes by the name Veronica Oliech.
Guess it’s true what Mary Jane says, if you catch a man’s eye you get his purse but if you capture his heart, you get his world.

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