VIDEO – Meet This Former Chokoraa Who is Now Worth Ksh 1 Billion

March 27, 2014

samuel muthuiIt’s cliche by now but as Lupita Nyong’o said when she won her Oscar, your dreams are valid no matter where you come from. Who would have thought that even a street urchin could rise from the filthy streets of Nairobi to become a billionaire at just 26 years of age? Inspiring huh?
Samuel Muthui is what you would call a fighter, he has been through alot for the few years he has been on this earth. First of all, Samuel was a bright student. He would get as high as 600 marks out the possible 700 in primary school but that changed when his parents divorced while he was in class 6. They, Samuel and his siblings, were forced to go and live with his grandmother while his parents tried to settle their differences and when they did, Samuel was told that he could not proceed to the next class and had to redo class six. He agreed but his performance went on a downhill. By the time he sat for his KCPE exam, he managed to get only 193 marks out of 500.
In this interview with K24’s young and rich, Muthui will take you through his struggles and his experience in charcoal burning, being a shamba boy to owning seven companies now worth ksh 1 billion.
This is his story.

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