At age 4, Njenga Karume’s Son Becomes Kenya’s Youngest Billionaire

March 4, 2014

01_Strathmore_NjengaKarumeThe late Njenga Karume was one of the most celebrated billionaires in the country having built a massive business empire. Unlike most of our current crop of business leaders, his path to riches was well documented and he was always ready to share his story. It was nothing short of inspirational.
In his final will and testament, Karume named his 4 year old son Emmanuel Karume Njenga the biggest beneficiary of his wealth. The young boy will inherit:

  • His father’s shares in Kiambu General Transport Agency Ltd.
  • all shares in Majoreni Agencies Limited
  • all shares in Ngorongo Tea Factory Limited
  • 25 per cent shares in Heri Limited
  • 12.5 per cent shares in Kenya Wine Agencies Limited

He is also to inherit shares in each of the following companies:

  • Jacaranda Hotel Limited
  • Kabete Distributors Limited
  • Karume Investments Limited
  • Cianda Estates Limited
  • Forest Road Flats Limited.

The young Emmanuel joins the same league as the likes of Jimnah Mbaru, Chris Kirubi, Raila Odinga and James Mwangi. Of course he still has many years before he can actually touch that money.
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