VIDEO – Kenyan Hilarious Mockumentary ‘The Samaritans’ Premieres in Nairobi

March 13, 2014

samaritans“Looking for a show about morals?…Well then you better not tune in.” Thats the warning from the producers of The Samaritans.
The Samaritans is a new hilarious and witty mockumentary that premiered in Nairobi on Wednesday.
Produced by Xeinium, a television and film production house based in Nairobi, the series is centered around the absurdities of one dysfunctional NGO. The setting is the Aid for Aid Kenya field office. The main characters are the staff who have to deal with the odd demands and decisions of the head of the office while trying to write as many useless reports as possible, all under the guise of ‘saving’ Africa.
In the premiere and screening, Xeinium has partnered with Moonlight Cinema.
Watch this trailer and see what a brilliant series this will be

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