Emmy Kosgei’s Heavy Security Detail Causes Stir In Lagos

March 17, 2014

emmy-kosgei1 (1)Her rise to fame was a moderate one but even from the beginning, one could tell she was destined for greatness. In a very short time, she rose to become one of the most celebrated gospel artists both in Kenya and East Africa.
However, the hype surrounding Emmy doubled when she married a Nigerian tycoon despite him being way older than her. While a few were happy for her, many questioned the marriage and even dubbed her a gold digger. The couple is yet to celebrate their one year anniversary but so far, things seem to be working out well. With millions in the bank and such a successful career, you would expect her to emphasize on her security and she is doing exactly that.
Apparently, whenever she is out in public, she is always accompanied by armed policemen. Reportedly, she recently caused a stir at a lagos hotel where she had gone to meet some Kenyan journalists.
According to Pulse, even though Emmy is now a big name in Nigeria, she is still as humble as she was. After the police scuffle, the Taunet nelel singer invited the team for an evening banquet.

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