Dj Kaytrixx to Rock Fans in Dubai This Weekend

March 12, 2014

kayttrixx2Seems like there is no stopping for Kaytrixx. After the successful launch of Spin cycle, that consists rapper Kaligraph, Dj Kaytrixx among others, he is set to rock fans in Dubai.
The show will go down on Saturday from 9 pm – 3 am. Kaytrixx will be deejaying alongside Dj Babu, Dj exploid and Ras Dru. He broke the news via his official Facebook page.

This weekend…. Dubai —-> — with Dj exploid (Kenya) and 2 others.

This is not the first time a Kenyan entertainer is performing in Dubai. Last year, Mombasa based rapper, Cannibal, was hosted in the city but the show flopped. Apparently, only three people showed up for the event and Kenyans being Kenyans roasted him badly on twitter. Lets hope the same doesn’t happen to ‘Kaytrixx the entertainer’ as he likes to call himself.

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