Mombasa Prostitutes up in Arms Against Cheap Prostitutes From Nairobi

March 11, 2014

prostitutesA fierce battle is brewing between native Mombasa prostitutes and those flocking down South from Nairobi and other parts of the country. The sex workers have cried foul accusing the new comers of charging cheaply and spoiling their business.
According to The Nairobian, one of the sex worker revealed some sell for as cheap as a plate of chips or fries, if you wish.
“Since last year we have witnessed an increase of cheap ‘sluts’ who are ready to trade in for a plate of chips or even Sh 250. We will sweep them out of the town. I think you remember what we did in 2005,” said Miriam who operates at an entertainment joint along Mombasa – Malindi highway.
She added that they have now been forced to charge as little as Sh500 from the Sh 3,000 they used to charge last year.
“Some of the women will even ask for as little as Sh100 from our rich clients. They have spoilt business,” she concluded.
…the irony of Miriam calling others cheap sluts..

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