How Daddy Owen Will Celebrate His 10 Year Anniversary In The Music Industry

March 25, 2014

daddy owenIt’s been ten good years for gospel singer Daddy Owen since venturing into the gospel music industry.  During that time, Daddy Owen has risen to become of the biggest names in the game with hit songs such as Mbona, Utamu wa maisha, Kazi ya msalaba and many more. He is also among the highest paid gospel artists in Kenya. Only one word can fully define his music career; successful.
The system ya Kapungala hit maker is grateful for the far he has come and to celebrate his fans and his successful career, he has something in store. While many artists would go for a free concert, the former pickpocket has a different idea; a football tournament.
Yes people, Daddy Owen will organise a football tournament either in Eastlands or in his hometown in Western; he is not yet decided. The singer, who is a huge Manchester United fan, says that although so many people love football, they don’t get the opportunity to watch the games for free and that is exactly what he intends to do. The games will be free for soccer lovers out there who will make it to watch the tournament.
Apart from that, Daddy Owen has also been giving away Ksh 10, 000 on social media to those who are able to correctly answer questions on his career. Make a point of liking his Facebook page and try your luck, it could be your lucky day.
The piga saluti hit maker is also set to get married by the end of the year.

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