You Can Be a Fitness Model…

March 17, 2014

mdoDo you have a well muscled and toned up body that can promote a healthy body image?
Do you have super abs and a well mapped six pack?
Is your body physique every woman’s attraction and centre of attention?
Is your body conformation very well built?
Then, you can be a fitness model today. Get to appear on Male Health magazine covers. Advertise the next brand of male boxers.
All you need to do is:
Register and create an online account (e-profile and portfolio) with for free
Get regular and timely modelling auditions/job alerts & notifications
Apply for modelling & casting jobs online
Get instant short listing notifications and alerts
Enjoy a free platform to network with veteran models and modelling gurus
Have your profile and portfolio viewed all over the world
Have the privilege to interact one on one with the recruiting clients
Put an end to exploitation of models by dodgy modelling agents by allowing 100% transparency

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