VIDEO – Jeff Koinange Throws His iPad Into Intercontinental Swimming Pool

February 28, 2014

jeffOn wednesday night, during Jeff Koinange Live, Jeff appeared to throw his iPad inside Intercontinental Hotel’s rooftop swimming pool. This was towards the end of the show.

Jeff was hosting Toni Gachoka and former deputy speaker Farah Maalim, in what turned out to be a heated debate. Perhaps more heated than he expected.

How it unfolded







There were quite some reactions from Kenyans, with some saying it was a camera trick. Others commented how Jeff had too much money to squander. Here are some reactions.

@hildah_ngatia: Io ilikua ipad ama camera trick?? Koinange pliiiiiz”

Who else still thinks that it was a camera trick when Jeff Koinange threw that innocent iPad into a swimming pool jana? – @MwangiViktor

Ma sufferer on hearing Jeff Koinange threw his iPad into the pool – @MuthuiSaiti

Why did Jeff Koinange throw his iPad in the pool? Au ni ma tantrums juu ya Museveni? – @MuthuiSaiti

its only when your Surname is KOINANGE that you throw a 70,000 – 100,000 KSHS iPad to a pool of water on live national TV @KoinangeJeff #JKL – @arap_chief

Jeff Koinange should’ve tossed Gachoka in the pool instead of that Ipad #JKL – @Jayzwala

Where does jeff koinange host his show i go for that ipad he has thrown in the pool? – @screechiealvin

Jeff Koinange just threw his iPad into the pool son. Its not even funny. – @MistaEdd

wait a minute! did koinange just throw an ipad into the pool? #jkl he could have threw it my way atleast – @kariukidave

He would have just given me Lqtm! “@xtiandela: Waaait…Did Jeff Koinange just throw his iPad in the pool?? #JKL” – @Bumaye254

Haha! Did Jeff Koinange just throw away his ipad??really?? #JKL – @WillyOkumu

Did Jeff Koinange just throw an Ipad into the pool,wow i wish i was in pool to grab it, ata kama ni pesa mingi sawa basi – @EstherNKihiu

Ok wait, did jeff koinange just throw his iPad into the pool? !!!!!!! Issorait #jkl – @Ogu_2

Jeff Koinange anatupaje iPad kwa swimo? Baanaaaa! Nkt! – @BlackHeadRam

jeff Koinange jst threw away his Ipad on air… watu apa wakiangusha idios wanapata heart attack – @jakobkush

Gaddem! Jeff Koinange amejam akatupa iPad kwa swimming pool. Fucking Showoff – @MwangiViktor

Did Jeff koinange just chuck the ipad? Oooh My…Wamae #JKL – @joe_wacira

Watch that moment at around 47:40 minute.

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