5 Valentines Fan Facts You Did Not Know

February 13, 2014

valentines St Valentines day is just a day away. If you are in a relationship, and i mean a serious relationship, this would be the perfect day to start thinking of taking it to the next level. Even Beyonce agrees with me, if you love a thing you should put a ring on it.  Anyway, am not trying to stage a coup here, Maina Kageni remains the reigning Nairobi women rep. Here are some basic facts  about Valentines that you should know.

  • How did valentines day come about? Apparently, like the catholic religion, it all started with the Romans. That is a fact. However, there are a few theories that try to explain how it all started. Some people say that it was derived from Lupercalia Festival. During the festival, men would strip naked and spank all the maidens in a bid to up their fertilities. Good times people good times. The other theory is that the Roman emperor passed a decree that his soldiers would not be allowed to marry. He argued that bachelors made better soldiers which makes perfect sense to me. As usual, there is always that one person who defies the King, is caught, executed and in the process makes history. In this case, our guy was Valentine and that is how he met his death. All for love.
  • Valentines is the second most popular holiday after Christmas. Research shows that over one Billion valentines are sent each year worldwide. This includes the 190 million cards sent annually (figures courtesy of greeting cards association).
  •  According to the Durex condom company, condom sales are highest around this time of the year. Some figures suggests a 20 – 30 percent increase on the usual sales.
  • The oldest surviving valentine gift dates back in 1425. It is actually a poem written written by the duke of Orleans to his wife. The duke wrote the poem while he was being held in London following his capture at the battle of Agincourt.
  • Home pregnancy test kits’ sales are highest around March than in any other month of the year (I see why that could be the case).

With that, I think you are now well equipped  and ready for tomorrow. Enjoy yourselves and for those of you hoping to get intimate, remember its a once a year affair. Stay safe, as a matter of fact, life is a game so play safe.
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