This Is What Tony Has Been Up To After Tahidi High.

February 4, 2014

tonyTony of Tahidi High is by no doubt a household name but did you know his  name is Prince Tsyder? I bet not. Many are wondering what he has been up to after his Tahidi High days. Has he quit acting? Any upcoming projects?
Unlike many one hit wonders, Tsyder has been anything but idle. In an interview with Standard, he revealed that he has four jobs; he is an actor, a deejay, a gospel musician and a video director.

“I am an actor, a gospel musician, a scriptwriter, a deejay as well as a music video director.I have worked with several companies including Snap Shot Pictures and Link Video Global. Actually, I give it all to J Blessing who is the CEO of Link Video Global, who taught me how to be a good music video director. I recently started my own company called Syder Media, so watch out for my new videos that I will be releasing in two weeks’ time.”

He also revealed that he has been running his DJ school. “I also run a DJ Academy known as Ignited DJ Academy.” he said.

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