REVEALED – This is why J Blessing Left Churchill Show

February 4, 2014

j-blessingChurchill show producers have come under serious criticism following rumours that comedians are being paid poorly. It has been said that comedians are earning as little as ksh 1000 per show, rumours the producers have strongly refuted. Questions why J Blessing, video director of the show left, have remained unanswered. Not any more; J Blessing opened up for the first time about what really transpired behind the scenes.
Apparently, nothing happened. J Blessing left the show to concentrate on running his video production empire, and not because of the pay.
“Churchill is my friend. I left the show to run my company Link Videos which is struggling in terms of revenue, and not because of poor pay,” he said.
J Blessing is one of the most sought after TV and music Video directors in Kenya.

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