Prezzo Makes Up With Tanzanian Ex Chagga Barbie

February 5, 2014

Kenyan Big Brother finalist, Prezzo is believed to be back together with her ex girlfriend Chagga Barbie. The Tanzanian socialite, who had a nasty break up with him on social media a while back, still has a soft spot for the ‘president’ it appears.
Prezzo, likened himself to a highly addictive drug after the break up, and he was probably right, as Chagga has come back for more.
Chagga Barbie posted a photo on instagram with this caption.
Nimeamini Ukimpenda mtu hata itokeenini Huwezi kuukimbia Moyo. Nawatakia Jumapili Yenye Amani, Furaha, Upendo Kusamehe na Mumtangulize Mungu Jamani Ndio Kila Kitu Kwa Neema Yake Kanipaujasiri wakuwaeleza haya Leo, ( I have believed that if you love someone you cannot go against the heart no matter what happens.I wish you a blessed Sunday filled with Peace, happiness and Love and Put God before everything else because it is through his grace that I have gotten the courage to share this with you)”

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